fales up first

I’ve made it no secret that I think Jamie Dukes is terrible at his job. In fact it should be no secret to anyone who isn’t blind or deaf — he’s the worst. Not because he trolls or because I don’t agree with his perspective, he’s the worst because he’s consistently unprepared and flat-out WRONG the majority of the time. Skip Bayless is a troll, but at least Skip has the correct information to back up his claims. Jamie straight-up ignores facts and just says whatever comes to mind.

Since when did Michael Vick start off every practice with the first team? Oh that’s right — HE DIDN’T. Vick and Foles rotated first-team starts and almost perfectly 50-50 split the number of attempts.

The truth is Jamie Dukes is part of a dying breed of NFL analysts who are deservedly becoming extinct. As football fans get smarter from easier access to information, the moronic musings of a guy with little information and access becomes less valuable. He’s like Mike Ditka. Would you trust that Ditka knows what’s going on in the Chip Kelly-led Eagles locker room? Of course not. But the difference between Ditka and Dukes is that Ditka is a Super Bowl winning coach with a decent sense of humor while Dukes is a nobody former offensive lineman who makes you want to take an ice pick to your cornea.

I can stand the Skip Bayless’, Herm Edwards’, and Warren Sapps of the world because at least they bring entertainment value. Jamie Dukes is not entertaining, is not well-informed, has no insider access, and very obviously talks out of his ass. Two seconds of research can debunk half the shit this guy says.

You fucking suck, Jamie Dukes.