philly.comIt hasn’t taken the Eagles long to find that out. Two days into the team’s voluntary offseason workouts, chests already are heaving and tongues are a wagging. “The workout today was up-tempo,” offensive tackle Jason Peters said. “Different stuff, different drills that we don’t normally do. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be real up-tempo.” Kelly’s strength and conditioning staff have linemen like Peters doing things ordinarily reserved for speed positions. “We’re doing 40 work (40-yard dashes), hurdles, ladders, stuff like that,” said Peters. “Working the quick feet, the quick movement. The up-tempo pace.” The good news is Peters has been able to do all of it. The All-Pro left tackle, … made a full recovery and will not be limited in any way during the team’s spring work. “I’m 100 percent,” he said. Peters said he’s pretty much been close to 100 percent since December. Said he could’ve come back late last season, but given the death-spiral the team was in at the time, he decided against it, and the coaching staff concurred. “I was going to come back last year, but it was a bad season. I could have (played), but I didn’t want to risk it with a losing season. And the coaches kind of held me back a little bit.” He said he expects to return to the elite level he was at in 2011 when he was the best left tackle in the NFL.

While Chip can’t have the guys lining up in formations and performing any of the concepts hes been allowed to teach since April 1, he IS conditioning them like crazy and getting their bodies ready to run more plays per game than any team in NFL history. Didn’t know it until recently but I’m a full-on Chip Kelly convert. Dressed in my Eagles onesie ready to drink the poison Kool-Aid so the rest of the believers and I can live with Chip on his comet.  After reading through some of his football philosophy reports novels on Fishduck it became very clear that this man is everything the people say he is and more. Just LOOK AT THIS SHIT. It’s fantastic:

My hangups about the players not buying into Chip’s specific beliefs on diet and schedule and habits are gone. Chip does what he does because there’s a reason. If there’s no reason to do something he won’t do it. He explains the “why” behind everything to players so that everyone knows the reasons behind their decisions. And those reasons are all based on trying to win the Super Bowl.

Getting Peters back and healthy is an even more massive upgrade to the team than most fans realize and surely played a part in why Chip took the job. He now has the best LT in football whose body is athletic enough to handle the tempo.

Time to run.