This shit is terrible. JaVale McGee is terrible.

It’s still baffling how at the NBA level somebody’s basketball IQ could be this low. Although I do understand his desire to make uniquely athletic plays that he knows only someone with his wing span can pull off, since there’s so much money out there in endorsements to grab. But if you suck — as JaVale McGee does — you gotta approach this NBA fame game from another perspective. DON’T waste all your time trying to dunk from the foul line during a game or block shots into the third row, because you’re not as good as Dwight Howard and never will be. Maybe just get head-to-toe tats like Chris Anderson or change your name to something that rhymes with “ooo” so the fans can yell it during games. That way when you do some stupid shit like alley-oop it to yourself when you’re losing the crowd can just yell “BREWWWWWWWWW!” and laugh it off. There are other ways of becoming famously rich in the NBA without great talent, JaVale.

PS – Don’t care what anybody says, that double rim dunk was terrible too.