philly.comJaworski, former Eagles quarterback turned ESPN analyst, said he spoke with Gruden, ESPN Monday Night Football commentator who in 2003 led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to an upset victory over the Eagles en route to a Super Bowl title. “He’s had numerous meetings, and he has told teams he is not interested in certain jobs,” ‘Jaws’ told Mike Missanelli of 97.5 The Fanatic. “There are jobs that he is interested in. But no one at those teams has reached out to him or they may already have a coach in place.” Were the Eagles off his list? Missanelli asked. “No, I didn’t say that,” Jaworski said. “They haven’t reached out to Jon.” It wasn’t a crystal-clear expression of desire for the Eagles job, contrary to some reports. But Jaworski couldn’t have been more direct about his advice to the Eagles: “I would want a guy that is a proven winning Super Bowl coach.” Instead, the Eagles seem to be focused on “second-tier candidates” – college guys and “assistant coaches that haven’t proven themselves.” The team should have met first with the likes of Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher, who won a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, if only “just to kind of pick their brains, which I think is always very, very important, to give you some help in the direction that you want to take your franchise,” Jaworski said. “To me, those are two guys that I would have gone to first,” he said. “We know the job in Philly is not for everyone,” he said. “You better not be sensitive, you better have a tough skin, you better have a strong backbone, and be able to deal with the media and the fans of this town.”

Remember that giant coach-boner we all had for Chip Kelly for that day or so? That was fun. At least for that brief moment we all had something to wish for besides a nuclear attack on the Novacare Complex or Nick Foles switching abilities with Peyton Manning on some Freaky Friday shit. Sad that it all ended so quickly.

Jon Gruden is not the coach the Eagles want. He’s not the coach the Eagles need. He’s just a coach. He’s just a dude who can go out there and yell and make you think he’s smarter than everybody else before the team gets on the plane and gets destroyed by the Cowboys on national TV or something. You’ve gotta admire that Jon seems to know what’s coming up next a lot in terms of personnel and play calling during Monday Night Football, but standing on the sidelines and standing in the booth are two different things. Especially when your starting safeties are Kurt Coleman and Colt Anderson.

Maybe Jay Gruden is better. Who knows? Makes me wish we could just throw Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton in the back of an unmarked van and call it a fucking day.