MTVThe Made in America Festival will be held at the city’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 1 and 2. Full lineup: Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Odd Future, Maybach Music Group featuring Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill, Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Passion Pit, Santigold, D’Angelo, Miike Snow, Dirty Projectors, X, Janelle Monae, Prince Royce, Rita Ora, the Knocks and a DJ set by Savoy.

When ?uestlove went out on a limb and said this lineup would put the other big concerts to shame, he probably should have been a little more subdued. Dude’s excitement got me thinking we were gonna see hologram 2Pac and Biggie freestyle battle it out on the steps of the Art Museum. Just raised the expectations way too high.

I’m obviously a huge Jay-Z fan and because I had close friends that were/are on Pearl Jam’s dick, I’ve grown to like them as well. I know they have a crazy cult following and Eddie Vedder probably catches headpieces from grunged-out hairy pussy chicks all over the country, but what else is there? Passion Pit? Odd Future? Santogold? What is this — 2010?

Skrillex will be fun I’m sure and Meek Mill will shut Philly down, but I’m just not nearly as hyped as I should be. Kanye and Beyonce will probably show but that’s a given. You better have some surprises in store, Jigga. D’Angelo and Miike Snow aren’t going to rock a million people.

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