nj.comThe Jets are expected to name Marty Mornhinweg their offensive coordinator, according to a report from Adam Caplan of PhiladelphiaEagles.com. The Jets had Mornhinweg in for an interview late last week. He has been the Eagles offensive coordinator since 2006.

I’ll leave this one to the great Eagles philosopher EatDatPussy445.

On Marty Mornhinweg:

On the Jets:
“Y’all some STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS for picking him up.”

On how he feels about Marty going from the Eagles to the Jets:
“Y’all can have that weak-ass motherfucker that nigga is TERRIBLE.”

Agree on all points. Too much passing. Too much tricky bullshit. HATED Googling how to spell his name all the time. This feels so good to know he’s gone (to the JETS!) and I don’t even fully understand why. All of Andy’s garbage is finally getting put on the curb.

Have fun with the ball in Mark Sanchez’s hands even more, Clancy.

PS – EDP needs to explain to all of us why 10 inches is worse.