kobe bryant italy 1990

Unnecessary in-fighting among black people is so stupid. It’s one thing to crack a joke about someone “acting light skinned” or being so dark that they actually bend the light around them much like a black hole — that shit’s funny. What’s not funny are these older generations who still live by this idea that the black community needs to be homogeneous. Fuck that. The whole reason for the civil rights movement was to be able to live freely as you so choose like everybody else in the country, now Kobe Bryant gets demonized by ol’ crusty-ass kufi-wearing running backs because he grew up in Italy and isn’t “black enough”? That’s so backwards it’s borderline insane. You think Kevin Love or Spencer Hawes ever have to worry about criticism from Larry Bird about them not acting white enough? It’s crazy talk. Mad because Kobe doesn’t fit in your box of how a black man should act. With all due respect — it’s not 1967 anymore. Not Kobe’s fault Jellybean played basketball overseas and took his son with him.

Aziz Ansari is right — this older generation mentality just needs to die off.