csnOWINGS MILLS, Md. — John Harbaugh said former Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would be a consultant in the next two weeks and will serve next year as the team’s running game coordinator. Castillo and Harbaugh coached together from 1998-2007 as assistants with the Eagles before Harbaugh left to become the Ravens’ head coach. Castillo was fired as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator after Week 6 of the 2012 season. Jim Caldwell will remain the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive coordinator next season. Caldwell moved from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator on Dec. 9 after coach Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron.

If you believe the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl, that is.

“Running game coordinator” — which when translated into actual everyday English means “My Friend Got Fired So Here’s A Free Job And Maybe A Super Bowl Ring” — has the be the easiest job in America. It’s the equivalent of a politician giving his mistress a $100k desk job just so she’s within lunchtime BJ distance.

I’ve watched these Ravens playoff games, Harbaugh. You guys run Ray Rice (Rutgers!) up the middle literally every first down. Every single one. So you’re saying it’s now Juan’s responsibility to nod approvingly when you suggest HB Power up the gut on first down? That’s not a job, Harbaugh. You’re just as well off giving the guy a Super Bowl ring in a box as a gift.

Will you be rooting for Juan to get a ring? Vote 1 for No and 10 for Si.
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