How much?

How much would someone have to pay you to completely eat one of these live scorpions on a stick? A thousand bucks? Five thousand? Ten?

Normally I imagine I could convince myself to not be a typical American pussy with foreign foods and eat whatever is placed in front of me, but there’s no way on Satan’s climate-changing earth I’d even hold one of these jawns. LIVE SCORPION KEBAB?? The fuck is wrong with these people?

Asia, Europe, Africa, and the rest can continue making fun of Americans and how we only eat McDonalnd’s and KFC and die at 37 years-old from heart failure, but I’d 100% rather have my heart explode from too many Double Down value meals than put a goddamned live albino scorpion in my mouth. Fuck China. Fuck Anthony Bordain. Where’s my Egg McMuffin?

For $1,000 would you eat a scorpion kebab?
Vote 1 for Yes and 10 for No.
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