HuffpoAt long last, Kim Kardashian has met the Met Gala. While rumors swirled last year that the reality star and fashion plate was banned from the industry event by Anna Wintour herself, Kim’s coupling with Kanye West, boyfriend/baby daddy/friend of Riccardo Tisci, has helped the girl get in. Naturally, he’s the designer Kim chose to wear to the Costume Institute’s festivities. “Riccardo’s vision of punk for me is not the typical mohawk you’d envision,” Kim said on the red carpet Monday night. She wore a long-sleeve floral number with a thigh-high slit — which featured her baby bump prominently, of course.

The fall of Kanye West’s penis has to be one of the most harrowing tales in modern entertainment. It had it all: European runway models, huge-assed superfreaks, rumors of sex with Kate Upton and Candace Swanepoel…everything. Then Kanye started dating Kim Kardashian. Then he started dating fat Kim Kardashian. Then he started dating fat pregnant Kim Kardashian. And now worst of all it appears hes turned to banging lumpy old couches from 90′s-era FOX sitcoms. That upholstery has got to be ROUGH on the dickskin.

You’ll always have the memories, Kanye’s dong.