And this, gentlemen and ladies, is why Dave Chappelle went to Africa. So he wouldn’t have to be doing non-stop tours and stand-up shows all around the country until he eventually started doing crack and threatening restaurant managers with pool sticks. Comedy is a slippery slope.

Katt Williams for a few years was one of the best stand-up comics in the game. Huge, hilarious specials that would play on Comedy Central every week. Bitches on deck. Regular men respecting him even though he’s only 3 feet tall. Katt had it all. But then came the drugs and then the refusals to fight his audience stopped and his life was like one long WorldStar clip. “Katt Williams pees in family fish tank before admonishing the Polish” is the type of headline that we’d see online every other day. Drugs, man. At least now he can finally rest for a while.

Or more likely this is all part of his plan and he’ll be fucked up on ready rock again one heckle away from backhanding church ladies and tossing lit cigarettes into little kids’ faces. Personally I hope it is. Because the other options with the ski goggles and Kurt Cobain t-shirt and 80 wrist bands doesn’t look like too bright a future.