TMZDon’t count on ever seeing the “Kenan and Kel” reunion you always hoped for — because Kel Mitchell tells TMZ, Kenan’s dropped him like a hot potato … and is actively avoiding him. Kenan Thompson — who starred with Kel in a million different Nickelodeon projects back in the day — is currently developing a new comedy pilot with NBC, so we reached out to Kel to see if he’d be making a cameo. BUT OUR DREAMS WERE DASHED TO PIECES. Kel tells TMZ, “The truth is Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media, or even have my name mentioned around him.” Kel says he nearly reunited with Kenan for an interview with a popular magazine but Kenan pulled out at the last minute … and he thinks it’s because Kenan’s still trying to separate himself from his old co-star. But Kel’s not bitter, explaining, “I have not been upset about this. I respect his choice of wanting to make a name for himself solo.” “There is no bad blood on my side, I’m not declining a reunion, I know the fans love the show and would love to see some type of appearance with us … I just don’t see that ever happening because of how he really feels.”We reached out to Kenan’s camp multiple times — but our calls and emails were not returned.

Dear Kenan Thompson,

Whatup, homey? Hey — can you get me a writing gig at SNL? Got some real great ideas that I’d hate to see go to waste. There’s this one skit where you play a superhero whose powers only work on St. Patrick’s Day but he gets drunk every year and forgets…you know what I’ll save you the details.

Anyway, I’m writing you in regards to Kel Mitchell’s claims that you hate him and hate hearing his name and don’t want people to bring up your old Nick shows and child acting. Kenan — I completely understand, bruh. You’re an established actor now, a seasoned SNL cast member, and a respected member of the New York comedy scene. WAY too successful to be hanging out remiscing about orange soda and Goodburgers. Plus you married that hot ass (Latina?) which proves you don’t need any help in the ass department.

Plus by most accounts you’re an overall chill bro who smokes weed and tells jokes and seem like an altogether swell fellow. But here’s the problem: you’ll always be Kenan & Kel. Always. Don’t believe me? Go out right now on a stabbing murder spree and see if CNN doesn’t refer to you as Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live and Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel. 100% chance they will. Just the way it is — some things you can’t leave behind. There are only a very select group of people who can overcome child stardom to become successful adults, and only a fraction of those people can eclipse the shadow of their former celebrity. You’ve made a decent post-puberty career for yourself, Kenan, but the last time I checked you are not Justin Timberlake.

Again, I’m speaking as a fan and as a fellow young African American who uses self-deprecating black humor to earn a living. It’s time to stop being a dick about your Kenan & Kel past and embrace who you are: a former child star who was the fat kid in a fat kid/dumb kid duo. And unless you plan on backing up your roles in Barbershop 2 and Fat Albert with a few Oscar-worthy performances, you’re always gonna be (at least partially) Kenan from Kenan & Kel.

Suck it up and do a reunion. Not even for us. For the Nineties.


Barstool Philly

PS – Seriously, hook it up with an SNL writing gig.