I know what you’re thinking.  Sure, the Django Unchained trailer looks good, but the Thunderstruck trailer looks great.

See, this is where all those business tats come in handy. He’s a safe enough character to star in children’s movies with little Disney-faced white kids now. Earning big money and immeasurable PR points by being the lead character in a movie based on his own team. Can you even imagine some other players trying to pull this off? John Wall?  Andrew Bynum?  Carmelo Anthony?  It’d be a joke.

Monta Ellis in…The Bucks Stop Here.

“OMG the Bucks are in danger of not making the playoffs!”

Kudos to KD for becoming the Jordan-like player so many have tried to before. Wasn’t drafted #1, quietly earned respect around the league, stars in family-friendly basketball comedies, now about to lead his team to their first NBA championship.  All business.