espnBoston Celtics center Kevin Garnett said he has not communicated with Ray Allen since he signed with the rival Miami Heat this offseason, and Garnett stressed it was a personal choice. “I don’t have Ray’s number any more,” Garnett said at the Celtics’ media day at their training center on Friday. “I’m not trying to communicate. I’m just being honest with everybody in here… It’s just what it is. Pressed on why he cut off contact with Allen, Garnett added, “I choose not to. I choose — that’s a choice I personally made. I told you all, I’m very close to Ray. I know his family. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. I’m just making a choice on my own. That’s all.”

Maybe I’m a little late on this, but Kevin Garnett might as well have entrance music, face paint, and a finishing move if he’s gonna keep up this sad WWE tough guy act. You’re a 36 year-old man. You put a leather ball through a metal circle for a living. Quit acting like you’re in WWII and Ray Allen just defected to the Nazis, drop the Big Ticket caricature, and be a real human being for a second. Your friend and longtime teammate decided to play somewhere else. If you were a 14 year-old girl I can see being upset and holding a grudge and losing his phone number. But this — this is not how grown millionaires behave. Paul Pierce laid down the tracks for exactly what you should say. So either you’re a dickhead who can’t stop playing an immature character or an actual dickhead who stops being friends with people because they won’t play with you.

Maybe Rondo I can understand since he apparently had personal problems with Ray and is only 26 and is probably still upset that he wore this jacket in public, but there’s no excuse for Kevin Garnett to be this way.

Sorry Boston but your boy’s an asshole.