espnCarmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got into an altercation in the bowels of Madison Square Garden after the Boston Celtics’ 102-96 win over the New York Knicks on Monday, and building security and New York City police officers were called upon to defuse the incident, two sources with knowledge of the incident told “It was like being in the school yard,” said one witness to the incident. The two stars did not come to blows, according to a police source. But Anthony was still hot after getting into a confrontation with Garnett in the fourth quarter of the Celtics’ win that resulted in a double technical. After the game, Anthony angrily walked off the floor and out of the tunnel that visiting teams use to exit the floor, instead of exiting out of the Knicks’ tunnel. Tyson Chandler appeared to try to stop Anthony, but he blew by the Knicks center. According to one of the sources with knowledge of the incident, Anthony approached the Celtics’ locker room and was screaming. It is unclear if his ire at the time was directed at Garnett. Anthony approached Garnett near the Celtics’ team bus. MSG security and the police intervened, according to a source.

Did I say DWade? My bad. Almost forgot about the king.

If you know me you know I can’t stand KG. Never before has someone talked more tough guy shit and never backed it up with actually being tough. Is he a good player? Absolutely. Hall of Famer. But the problem with Kevin Garnett is that he routinely says things that would get him stabbed anywhere but on the basketball court, then he ducks behind the “it’s part of the game” excuse. It’s not part of the game, bro. You’re just an asshole.

Remember that time he called Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient? Or the time he wished Tim Duncan (WHOSE MOM DIED OF BREAST CANCER) a happy Mother’s Day? ASSHOLE.

Nice to see a star in this league stand up to him and challenge on some real levels. Is Melo a notorious bitch for slap fighting/running away years ago in a fight on the court? Of course. But at least he had the balls to show up to the party and request a dance. Garnett probably got a trainer to make Melo leave before boarding the bus or tried to squash it somehow. What a clown. I bet Melo would ruin his old face. KG’s got the height, but don’t forget that Carmelo is one of the strongest guys in the league (Kobe said stronger than LeBron) , and at 6’8″ is no Muggsy.

I don’t want the Boston Stoolies thinking I’m just shitting on their boy because I hate the Celtics or whatever. I don’t like the Knicks either. Both teams are in trouble when Bynum hits the floor in a month, anyway. This is strictly based on dude’s pussy-ass behavior.