There was a part of me that truly felt Kim could get her body to how she used to look back, back, back in the day. You know, back when she was the fire-hot nobody blowing Brandy’s brother on the internet before any of us had the burdon of having heard her speak. Remember those days? Wondrous times, 2007.

Yet unfortunately after seeing this visual pregnancy update it’s obvious it’s time to abandon all hope. It’s a wrap. It’s game over and this massive baby in her body is clearly the winner. Look at those tits! Kid’s got enough milk on tap to last until high school.

So R.I.P. hot Kim Kardashian. Thought you might be able to survive on life support and make a comeback but it’s obvious that can’t happen now. All we can do is look back on those days back when you were nothing but a hot internet nobody and, well you know, masturbate.