This clip is quintessential Kobe. The reason why he’s one of my favorite basketball players ever and at the same time hated by millions. LeBron would have answered some generic “Well we couldn’t tonight. The Thunder played a tremendous game and our defense wasn’t at the level it needs to be to compete blah blah.” You know, canned bullshit. Playoff Kobe doesn’t do canned bullshit. This reporter is just lucky Kobe’s facial expressions weren’t mic’d.

Kobe’s Face: “Let me leave this pointless-ass presser before I kill one of ya’ll –”

Reporter: “Can you guard ‘em?”

Kobe’s Mouth: “Excuse me?”

Reporter: “Can you guys guard them…as a team?”

Kobe’s Face 0:14: “Are you fucking serious? What do you expect me to say? It’s amazing that you’re paid to do what you do. This is the type of bullshit question that you’re only asking because you’re too lazy to take an original position on this game and already have your article written and now you’re fishing for quotes. Well fuck you.”

Kobe’s Mouth: “No” (sarcastically).

Kobe’s Face 0:16: “Shove that question up your ass.”

Kobe’s Face 0:18: “I can’t BELIEVE this motherfucker really just asked me that shit. Do I look like I’m fucking playing games here? Well I guess literally I am playing a game but I don’t need to take this shit from some REPORTER. Fuck this. Kobe OUT.”

Kobe’s Face 0:21: “He REALLY just asked me that, didn’t he? MotherFUCKER. Some shit never changes. Time to go hatefuck a model on a bed of roses and cash before shooting elbow jumpers until the next tip-off.”