CSNSurprisingly, Kwame Brown was nervous about the start of his first training camp with the 76ers. Though he’s already played 11 years in the NBA and has been on six different teams over parts of the past six seasons, Brown had some apprehension.“It’s important to him,” said coach Doug Collins, who coached the Wizards when Brown was a rookie fresh from Glynn Academy High School in Georgia. “I think this young guy has been so beat up throughout his whole career over not being that No. 1 that everyone thought he should have been, and he carries that with him. There’s a lot of scar tissue built up there and I’m aware of that. I was with him at that stage of his career when he was going through that and at this stage of his career, I want him to understand what he brings to our team.” “I talked to Kwame and he knows where he fits,” Collins said. “There might some instances where we play a team and he might not play for a couple of games. But then against a power team he might have to get us 18 to 24 minutes.”

Yes I know I’m hard on Kwame. And yes, I’m aware that people being overly critical of his awfulness has been a contributing factor in his career to his awfulness…but I just can’t help myself. The man gets paid $3 million A YEAR and probably won’t play more than a few scattered minutes a night. Nervous? Bro I got Sallie Mae ready to send their goons in for a hit on my ass any day now trying to get their college loan money and you’re nervous about being the backup backup center on a team with zero championship expectations? Excuse me if I’m being too insensitive but check your boy, Doug.

Want to ease those nerves, KB?  Have a high-class hooker give you a handy with a fistful of hundreds, tell your personal chef to switch you to an all-natural organic diet, and maybe plan out an extended self-searching trip to Africa for next year’s ANNUAL FOUR-MONTH VACATION. I’m sure your nerves will be fine.