I love this so much. More than I should. Uncle Drew might’ve just become my new favorite young player after this, because if there’s one thing I love more than a trash-talking Kobe, it’s someone who’s not afraid to trash talk a trash-talking Kobe. I feel like 90% of the NBA would be too scared to even bring this up — let alone on camera — but Kyrie’s got some balls on him. Like think about this for a second. Would Andrew Luck ever go up to Tom Brady and talk shit to him and challenge him to a passing competition for $50 G’s? Never. Top-level NBA players are much bigger assholes and much more entertaining.

“Think he talkin’ to a high school kid.”
“You just came out of high school, kid!”

Kyrie bringing up the Lil Bow Wow game is classic. “Ya’ll about the same size!”