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I filmed this gem at about 330 am at the 711 on fayette street in conshohoken about a 2 weeks ago. Many think of conshy as a great up and coming town. A place that gives the Jews of gladwyn a city feel without all the homeless. People forget about the white trash delinquents that roam the lower east side by hector street. Here’s 4 fine pieces of “cunshy” shitbags knocking the mess out of each other. There’s some great quotes in here to. Best part was the girl who got knocked out regained composure and peeled out in her 94 Oldsmobile.

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I wrote back to Joe before he uploaded this to YouTube mentioning how insanely frightened I was after that girl screamed. “Are you CRAAAAZY??” It’s like she had a demon voice trapped inside her body and convenience store violence was its only way out.

That scream is some Discovery channel shit. Human 1 slams Human 2′s head against a brick wall, then yells to assert dominance over her foe.

“Jenny what the fuck is you doin!?!” Taking away another bitch’s consciousness by slamming her skull against a 7-11, apparently.