If you hate LeBron this isn’t going to make you hate him any less, but if you’re like me and indifferent to the guy then this clip may actually lead you toward hating him for all new reasons. Reason #1: butchering Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’.

How does a 28 year-old man not know how to properly sing this song? For me, it was infuriating. You can’t possibly sing THAT bad, LeBron. Stop faking and put a little effort into the song. Sing from your diaphragm. Voice control. Pick an octave and stick with it. Michael Jackson is probably rolling over in his underground cryogenic freezing tank right now. Kobe wouldn’t have bullshitted on stage like that. Pitch would’ve been perfect.

And Dywyawyywannwe — you suck, bro. Still an asshole.