PFTOn Tuesday, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News got into a Twitter-style pissing match, as chronicled by the folks at On Wednesday, the dispute took on a new dimension, with Bowen and McLane getting into a physical altercation at the team’s facility. Howard Eskin of NBC 10 and WIP reports via Twitter that Bowen “connect[ed] 2 the head” of McLane, and that the two had to be separated. The pair had to be separated. We’ve had minor scuffles with each guy in the past (actually, all three — even though Howard is now a friend of PFT), but we can’t imagine verbal/written spats ever taking on a physical component. Whoever made the first move needs to be fired.

Gotta give CB credit for having this covered like a blanket yesterday, but here is the backstory via Twitter:

@LesBowen: Oh, and BTW, nobody has any idea on Tuesday whether Michael Vick is starting this week. It was Obvious Monday Andy thinks/hopes he will.

Jeff’s response?

@Jeff_McLane: @LesBowen Right. I made it up. How about if Vick starts Sunday you have to say on Daily News Live, “I’m an old hack that hasn’t broken a…

“…story in years, needs my editor to keep my blog fresh, and missed Vick on Monday because I was cluelessly tapping away on my …”

“… computer and had to steal quotes from hard-working reporters who have a clue.” If Vick doesn’t start I’ll eat my pencil. Sound good?

Cold-blooded, right? This is all Les had to say back:

@LesBowen: @MoorestownCup I will handle my business in person, not thru yapping on Twitter. But thanks for your concern.

And he handled that shit, RIGHT. Punched Jeff right in his stupid Twitter-beefing face for talking sideways. I love it. Old man strength once again shows it’s true power.  The hastag #TeamLes is running through all of the Philly media today, as bloggers rally around Les’ victory over “yapping on Twitter.”  Real recognize real.  Cue the music!