LeSean McCoy is no longer on twitter. Which is a shame for many reasons, the smallest of which being that it’ll be a while before we can enjoy some of his solid gold PR tweets, and the biggest of which is probably because this was forced on by a no-holds barred Twitter Hell in the Cell with his baby mama in which fans learned far too much information about the size of Shady’s manhood, his relationship with his children, and herpes.

Here are the highlights.


LeSean was on twitter bragging about laying in 80 degree weather “n that sand HOT HAHAH” while on “vocation”, when the baby moms, pictured here:

Chimed in with this tweet:

From then LeSean let loose calling her a “BUM,” “waste of life,” “dirty alley girl,” and claiming that she lied about birth control and can’t read or write, a statement that is ironic for reasons too obvious to state. Then Baby Moms answered back with a few haymakers to the self confidence and public image:

For the record, that would be times one and two of SIX that Baby Mama mentions “herpes”.  It gets worse:

The Dick Doctor? Oh Lord….

And what did Shady have to say about all of this?

“@Angelface0330 hahahahaha u a bum lol u live off me u. Can’t do nothing with out me hahaha I’m rich n ur broke”

“@Angelface0330 ya family live off me I don’t even know u u a somebody now cuz of me???? U dumb dirty n broke … U n ya friends”

“@Angelface0330 without me u n 10 of ya dirty family members would b n that Lil alley way hahaha … I could never b u ya life a lie”

“@Angelface0330 I hit u n a week without knowing ya name .. My son the only reason u have a life u broke stop frontn on IG … U BUM”

“SELF MADE…. Don’t need nobody … My BM a BUM CAN’T breathe without me …”

“Hahaha all my followers. N friends tell @angelface0330 to get a job n stop begging for child support money she a BUM needs me to LIVE sad!!!”

And The Baby Moms’ response:

“@CutonDime25 for the bitch your with how you didn’t want shit to do with your son ok you make everything about money bc that’s all you have”

“@CutonDime25 To offer your money as you can see your bitch talks about you like a fucking dog but she’s with you bc of your money”

And she just keeps piling on:

Shady’s gotta come back with something. His response:

“Well let me continue my vacation n PUERTO RICO… All the haters n BM stressful … Let me relax lol”

But this situation is already deeper than money talk:

WHOA.  Anything else to add, Shady?

“We put Puerto Rico n we still rockn this lil club popping lol”

“Self made … Ne dream I had I’m living it ….. Y live off the next person hahaha BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM”

“@Angelface0330 get off my girls.Damn nobody cares bout u .. U had a baby to a successful person that’s all u still broke n dirty nobody ass”

Last shots:


Baby Mama with the decisive victory. Not only did she beat her child support check out of him, but she may have ruined his career forever. Herpes, dick doctors, saying he’s a dead beat dad, tossing out allegations of his best friend fucking his current girlfriend and him staying with her…that’s a lot worse than Ron Mexico or some Honey Nut Cheerios. Let’s hope he’s having fun in Puerto Rico right now because the American sports internet is gonna be all about Shady’s wiener surgery and lack of fatherhood.

Cue the music!