Got a couple emails about my take on this story so — here we are.  Let’s clarify this first before anything else — it wasn’t an “official” Inauguration Party. It was just some third party…party…being held for the event. So it’s not like Obama’s people are completely braindead and don’t read lyrics before paying performers.

But in terms of what Lupe said and what actually happened — he’s probably right whether we like to hear it or not. It’s not like Lupe hasn’t been calling Obama a terrorist for years now:

And it’s not like his disgust is reserved for Barack. He means all US Presidents. Does it make him radical to call the US President a terrorist?  Sure.  Should it? Let’s let speak on that:

ter·ror·ist [ter-er-ist] noun
1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.

ter·ror·ism [ter-uh-riz-uh m] noun
1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

By definition Lupe is right. The President (and those before him) used violence and threats to intimidate or coerce for political purposes. Undeclared wars, tap-dancing around the UN, using drone warfare — all (by definition) works of terrorism. Is it uncomfortable to say that? Hell yeah it is. Makes me nervous just typing it. But does that make it untrue?

I’m not trying to paint myself as some anti-American wingnut or hippie or anything because I’m none of that. Hell I didn’t vote for Barry O or Mitt Millions.  Both parties are crooked.  I just think it’s weird that not many people in this country think or feel guilty about things that — if they were performed by another country or group — might be considered terrorism.

Musically Lupe isn’t anywhere nearly as good as he used to be. He’s almost ALWAYS political and nobody wants to be lectured when listening to a rap song. Which is probably the reason his records don’t sell. But for both left and right wingers to be pissed at the guy for speaking his mind and taking a viewpoint that’s off the beaten path is silly.  This is AMERICA.  The very basis for our country is individualism and freedom to speak your mind.  Doesn’t mean you hate your country to be critical of your country.  It actually might mean you care more than those citizens who simply nod their heads and go with the flow.

Just saying, there’s probably something wrong with our culture when Chief Keef promoting murder, sexual promiscuity, and drug use is more socially accepted than Lupe Fiasco being critical of elected leaders.

//rant over
//steps off soapbox
//gets assassinated