Another week, another near miss by yours truly aka Barstool’s leading FanDuel earner aka Mo Bux. Which I’ve just decided right this moment is my new rap name. Mo Bux. As in “Mo Bux probably shouldn’t have gone with Nick Foles last week.”

If you’re like me and will be spending Thanksgiving drowning yourself in a mountain of sweet potatoes, egg nog, and avoiding your family through the magic of football, it only makes sense to spice it up with fun FanDuel money on the line. You know what it is by now: a one-week fantasy football game where you pick a team of nine auction style and get winnings deposited directly into your PayPal if you choose wisely. Simple. Here are this week’s details:

· $15,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $3,300
· 332 seats in the tournament, up to three entries allowed
· $50 entry fee
· League starts at kickoff on Sunday, Nov. 25th.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) is in play this week so sign up early and get yo money. SIGN UP HERE.