So the Washington Nationals stomped around the dugout celebrating their NL East Championship in the middle of the ninth inning last night. Nevermind that the Phillies won 2-0–it was a formality that was a long time coming. And it’s something I’m totally at peace with. Frankly, the Phillies were really never legitimate division contenders so I should have probably come to terms with the inevitably that Jayson Werth and his stupid fucking beard and stupid fucking $125 million contract would be partying in the clubhouse with ski goggles on. And I’m totally over that he’s won six division titles in the last seven years. Yep.

You know what makes this worse? A lot worse? It’s that the Phillies could use a legitimate outfield bat this offseason. A guy like Werth. And what makes it worse is that I was totally convinced that he was overrated and that his contract would fuck Washington for years. And that Hunter Pence was the man. And that the Phillies wouldn’t miss a beat. And here we are.

Fuck man. Bring on next season.