Not sure if I completely agree with this guy as 1) I didn’t watch the fight live and 2) I didn’t watch all 15 minutes of this clip, but it’s certainly an interesting development. I — just like the rest of you — was programmed to believe that Pacman was robbed and how this was another example of corruption in boxing, but the more I watch this clip the more probable it seems like Manny just straight-up lost. It actually makes a lot more sense than for it to be some large-scale international boxing conspiracy. Mayweather said it best a long time ago: “All these guys had went to the Olympics and they knew these guys were something special from the beginning. I mean, it’s hard for me to just know that a guy can go from a C+ fighter to an A+ fighter.”

You guys can believe in fairy tales if you want, but Lou Williams’ don’t just become Michael Jordans because they train hard.