Youtube Description

Bol Bol is a 6’5 seventh grader who is the son of the late NBA player Manute Bol. Bol strokes threes just like his dad and even showed the ability to put it on the ground and create off the bounce. Bol has a good mid range jumper and has a good understanding of the pick and roll. These highlights are from the 2012 Cross Roads Elite Camp in Indianapolis.

Bol, do yourself a favor and stay away from Philly and its surrounding suburbs. Not because this isn’t a nice area — we’ve got great history, fare, two FM sportstalk stations…it’s great. But young Bol, your name is kind of a thing we all say. It’s hard to imagine your first day at school not ending up like this:

“What’s your name, young bol?”
“Bol Bol.”
“Don’t just repeat everything you hear young’n these bol’s in here will eat you alive.”

You’d be living the hood version of “Who’s On First?” within the first half hour.

So keep doing your thing, Bol Bol. Just do it away from here or else you’ll end up like my man Jawn.