What is this woman talking about? Less than 20% of what she says even makes any sense. Cocaine, pills, and alcohol definitely don’t mix with traditional crazy.

But a bigger question might be why the hell HSN still exists in the first place. Who is still buying stuff from Home Shopping Network? The fact that this station is still around to have Mariah Carey on for three hours selling 20 cent Chinese jewelry for 40 bucks is absurd. Are these people not aware of the internet?

Like I picture some Peggy Bundy-type sitting in leopard print stretch pants eating Bon Bon’s just completely oblivious that she could be buying other stuff right now besides the Mariah Carey sequin drawstring handbag for $89.50. Covered in wrappers thinking to herself “I really need to find a new hairdresser. If only there was some sort of searching…engine…where I could ask questions and maybe get driving directions and a few reviews. Eh, maybe in the next lifetime.”

And yes, this rambling hasbeen definitely said she was pregnant for 47 weeks. Nick Cannon must be the dumbest motherfucker alive.

h/t workingmansdiary