Kristen Stewart

Emma Watson

Jennifer Lawrence

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Marry - Jennifer Lawrence
Fuck - Kristen Stewart
Kill - Emma Watson

I was looking at pictures of Jennifer Lawrence earlier trying to decide whether or not she is hot when this idea came to mind. She’s cute, definitely. But hot? Hard to say. Feel the same thing about Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson.

Marrying J-Law because shes got the Oscar and the future and the cash and she already would understand my weird Eagles fanaticism because she Silver Linings Playbook. Fucking Kristen because of the ‘bad girl’ vibe even though her face not changing expressions during sex would probably get really weird. And honestly I don’t know shit about Emma Watson. Looks like a stuck up 13 year old even though she’s 10 years older than that. Dead.

Hmm. Maybe that was way too easy.