Tennis Skirts

Yoga Pants

Booty Shorts

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Marry - Yoga Pants
Fuck - Booty Shorts
Kill - Tennis Skirts

Popular athletic gear on sexy girls. This was a surprisingly hard choice for me. My first inclination is to go ahead and wife up the Booty Shorts, but then I had to think a little more logically. Do I want my wife to be out wearing these shits all day everyday? Every other sucker in the neighborhood sinning by coveting my wife and shit. It’s like making a ho a housewife: just don’t do it. So I’m marrying the slightly-more-moderate Yoga Pants. Fucking the Booty Shorts for real. And the Tennis Skirts get killed for being nothing but lies. There’s spandex under the skirt AND there’s pockets in there? Too much fabric and mystery. Dead.

Thanks Michael