Katherine Webb

Lauren Tannehill

Sabrina Maserati

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Marry - Katherine Webb (AJ McCarron)
Fuck - Sabrina Maserati (Blake Griffin)
Kill - Lauren Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill)

This, my brothers, is where the rubber meets the road. Or more likely where the lotion’d palm meets the penis. All of these broads are wife material, but only one can get the ring and one’s gonna end up in the grave. Marrying Katherine Webb because she looks classy as hell. She’s from the south and probably has plenty of family who wouldn’t be cool with our bi-racial mocha love, but damned if I care. Ring. Fucking Sabrina Maserati because she looks like a video chick from the early 2000′s. Back when rappers didn’t care about artistic value and just found the hottest, sluttiest looking chicks to sit on cars and pose. Blake also lives in LA — if this is the one he chose then I can trust his judgement. Finally poor Lauren Tannehill gets the kill. Love blondes but she’s yesterday’s news.