Went into full-on Eagles Training Camp nerd mode last night and watched every second of new video on the official Eagles website and anywhere else I could find trying to learn what I could from the players and coaches directly. When you let CSN or ESPN pick your quotes a lot of times you miss out on bigger stories that went unreported, so as the head of Barstool Philly I felt it was worth my time uncovering the real quotes and stories for the Stoolies instead of relying on TV to do my work for me. What did I find? The Eagles coaches LOVE Matt Barkley.

The first clip is from a longer video with all of the offensive coaches, but Quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor’s part caught my ear the most. Dude basically fellates Matt Barkley, then just throws in a couple nice things to say about Foles and Vick so it doesn’t sound weird. Barkley apparently is very accurate and mentally light years ahead of where he should be.

“The two biggest things you want in a quarterback is being accurate and making great decisions. And so far hes shown the ability to do those EASILY.”

Then he goes on to say how “poised” and surprisingly athletic Foles looks before complimenting Vick’s strong arm. Doesn’t sound like the love is being spread too evenly if you ask me.

In the second clip Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur is ALREADY talking about the time frame to install a rookie quarterback.

“Whether a guy becomes the starter quickly or [it] takes him half a year in Donovan’s case or a full year in some other quarterbacks situations, how much can they absorb, how quickly can they get up and running in your system and go out and play winning football and I think that’s what we’re looking for.”

This doesn’t sound like an offensive coordinator too excited to put Vick in there, nor does it sound like a guy who favors Foles over the “tremendous” things Barkley has done in college while leading his team to “many, many victories”.

Is it a stretch? Maybe. But since the rest of the city and country have a hard-on for the Eagles QB controversy, these quotes are certainly worth some thought.

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