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What’s going on with Max Talbot?! We just put our hands on what seems to be another personal (and astonishing) video of Max Talbot testing his skills. This time, it’s with a bow and arrows! After a few shots, Max gets real good, mad skills! He basically takes down a jug and a killer BULLSEYE of a hockey PUCK in midair! No wonder this guy won the Cup!

Youtube Description

A reader sent me this sick video of Max Talbot at the gym during his new training workout called the Assassin. Man, it’s a killer routine: a crazy abs exercise, vertical pole, handstand and one-finger push-ups. We all know Max Talbot is a superstar on the ice… but who knew he was also one in the gym.

I say this with absolutely no hyperbole: this is the worst viral advertising banter I’ve ever heard. The concept is just as bad as your ordinary Trojan-horse’d celebrity video advertisement, but the way these bros (and DAMN do these guys bro it up hard) talk to one another is worse than cringe-worthy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold on I’ll give you a real challenge now.”
“Really, hockey puck?”
“Oh, SICK!”

Amazingly terrible. Ordinarily I don’t even mind these things being a little cheesy but, my God, how could real people really think other real people could for real think this was real? I mean REALLY.