Complex - He cut a check for a new Aston Martin around the release of his Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, and now Meek Mill is celebrating the release of his first album Dreams and Nightmares by dressing the Rapide up a bit. In addition to the matte black exterior, he put on 22-inch Forgiatos that have been plated in 24-karat gold. The Designo-ECL wheels are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are acoustically designed to project Meek’s extremely obnoxious yelling to the masses.

Don’t make the mistake after reading the headline and seeing this car of stereotyping Meek Mill is just your run-of-the-mill rapper blowing through cash like James Harden in a Vegas champagne room, because the guy has otherwise been the model of “giving back” to the neighborhood that raised him. Sure, he may say Amen to God for putting a lot of bad bitches in the building, but he also donates clothes, food, and shoes to school kids and the needy throughout Philly. So slow yourself if you feel like you’re about to judge this guy before really understanding his story.

Having said all that, putting gold rims on a car is the type of gaudy, arrogant, and irresponsible behavior that makes me fall in love with hip hop all over again. Here I thought rappers were past gold and cars and were all focused on obscure European designers and getting models to do molly. Apparently not so. Meek Milly is practically paying homage to the rhymers who came before him with this audacious way to get from point A to point B. Fuck a $3000 Mason Martin Margiela trench coat. That money is much better spent going to Funk Flex or Tim Duncan to do something silly to an otherwise carefully-designed vehicle.