DM - She’s the Brazilian model who filmed Justin Bieber as he slept, before posting her video on the internet and causing a worldwide storm. But Tatiana Neves Barbosa, known to friends as Tati, is no stranger to prompting an online sensation herself, as can be seen in racy pictures of the brunette beauty which she posted on her Facebook page.The 26-year-old, who is a model and part-time bodybuilder, looks sexy in the shots, with her confidence wearing swimwear perhaps down to the fact that she won the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant. Tati’s video of Bieber sleeping hit headlines worldwide when its made its way onto YouTube earlier this week. But sources close to the model say that she wasn’t expecting the amount of coverage the video was given. A source told E! Online: ‘She does not know what to do. She sent the video to a friend and did not realize it would be put online. ‘She is trying to protect herself as she is being bombarded now that the video is out.’

Chalk it up to part of the game.

Chances are he didn’t even sleep with Tati and that she was just the one dummy to bring a phone into the whole Brazilian Whore House Hosting Justin Bieber situation, but even if he did there’s no shame. Sometimes you gotta fly to Brazil and bang big-assed old-faced Brazilian hookers. Part of the lifestyle.

Who has no excuse here is this Tati chick. She “did not realize it would be put online”? In what reality would a video of the most famous musician on earth who is also a teenager getting caught in a deep fuck coma inside a Brazilian whorehouse not be put online? She might as well have had a video of drunk President Obama pissing in the mouths of a dozen no longer insured hospital patients. No way she’s that stupid. Not buying it.