Philly.comNORTHEAST-born and -bred Val Keil is Playboy’s Miss August. “I don’t think there’s been a centerfold in black-and-white in a long time, so I’m honored to have that,” Keil told me, in an unmistakable Philly accent. “It makes me look so glamorous!” Keil, a 2009 graduate of MaST Community Charter School, decided to send her pictures to Playboy on a whim, telling herself she would be a Playmate of the Month or nothing at all. Playboy flew her out to LA, and weeks later she got a call from the mag saying that Hugh Hefner liked her pictures and he wanted her for the August centerfold. Before making the move to LA two months ago, Keil worked at the Torresdale Frankford Country Club, XFINITY Live! and Reedy’s Tavern on Frankford Avenue, where she’ll be Saturday from 2 to 10 p.m., signing copies of her issue and headshot and hanging with locals. “A lot of people say, ‘Where does your accent come from?’ I don’t think it’s that strong,” Keil said. “It’s simmered down a little bit since I’ve been in LA. But if I have a strong accent, I don’t want to lose it.”

Gotta love a girl with a can-do attitude and a thick Philly accent. Well, you don’t. But you kinda do when she’s a certified 10 who gets flown out to LA to hang with Hef in the Playboy Mansion based on a few pictures. That’s heat. When the greatest horndog mind in history flies you to the mecca of beautiful women to make you a centerfold, it’s pretty clear you’re doing something right.

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