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What’s up Mo?

I live in NY but I usually check out Barstool Philly a few times a week. Anyway…I know you have a hatred for Merril Hoge, so I figured you’d enjoy this. I was watching Sunday NFL Countdown and I almost choked on my Pop Tarts when I saw it. What’s up with Hogey’s tie? Maybe the producers forgot to mention that he’d be doing a segment without his jacket on? I guess the 4 or 5 inches he’s missing there to make it to his belt are up in that STUPID huge knot he’s got going on. What a


Are you fucking kidding me with this tie, Merril? You’re not even trying anymore. Just looping that shit around 80 times creating sextuplet Windsor knots and embarrassing everyone on stage. It’s like you purposefully made yourself as visibly buffoonish as you sound when you talk about football. You’re like Skip Bayless minus the fame and money. If you don’t have enough tie left over to even get CLOSE to your belt, the knot is too fucking thick. Everyone else knows how to do it.  Keyshawn used to dress like a pimp on vacation but he, like everyone else, knew when to let it go.  Grow up, Merril.

Factor back? Suck my dick.