You guys ever see Supermarket Sweep? God I used to love that show. A bunch of angry wives and their ball-less husbands running around a grocery store in the gayest of sweatshirts filling their carts with turkeys, diapers, and all the expensive medicines they could find. Such a legit television experience. Shame it got taken off the air because the 90's ended and people lost their appreciation for timed supermarket game shows.

But I guess it's important for us lifelong fans of the show to realize that Supermarket Sweep never ended — the show just went off the air. Methed-out culinary queenpins like Olive Oil here have been sweeping supermarkets with the hurried movements of their own crazy drug addiction for years. So in reality in 2013 we shouldn't blame the show's producers or sad cable stations like Lifetime, PAX, or USA for ending its run. No. Because in modern America it's up to us if we want to catch a tweaking Sweet Dee speeding across a linoleum floor. Not some gameshow.