Philly.comIn an effort to work on his ball security, Michael Vick carried a football around the Eagles facility throughout the week while teammates tried stripping it from him. He took it to breakfast, lunch, meetings throughout the day. “Everyone thought it was funny, but I didn’t,” Vick said. “That’s how much I care about this team. That’s how much I care about our success.” Vick didn’t say whether teammates stripped the ball from him, but said they tried and he eventually stopped because the “stakes” were getting high. “There was a bounty on the ball,” Vick said, drawing laughter. Vick watched football games throughout the week and paid attention to how others carried the ball. He also spoke to his running backs about it. His conclusion? “Everyone’s got it high and tight.”

“That’s how much I care about our success.” Such sacrifice, Mike. You’re willing to carry a football around your training facility for only $100 million? Such determination. Such drive.

I kid, of course. We all appreciate him kinda sorta doing something about his fumbling but stopping because of illegal sidebets. Not sure how watching film of people not fumbling will make him not fumble, but we all get that he cares. Although seeing the story of Mike being out for 3 weeks with a broken wrist because Brandon Graham smacked a football out of his hands in the weight room for $20,000 might have made the whole thing worth it.