Philly.comMichael Vick said this morning his recent injury problems came from “trying to protect myself,” so he plans to be less cautious as a quarterback. “I think what I have to do is just go out and play lights-out football and not worry about getting hurt,” he said on ESPN radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, aired locally on 97.5 The Fanatic. He also said he hopes to play for another four or five years.

BSOVick said on Mike and Mike in the Morning that he expects “to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the league again” playing for Chip Kelly. And he referenced his final season with the Falcons, when he ran for an NFL quarterback record 1,039 yards, as something he believes he can match. “In 2006 I ran for 1,000 yards — and it wasn’t hard,” Vick said. “I feel like I still can do that.”

“I can’t. But I still feel like I can!”

This is where as a journalist looking for clues you have to read between the lines a bit. Why would Mike out of nowhere start talking about 1,000-yard rushing seasons? Remember: this is a guy who might be the starting quarterback who has spoken to Chip Kelly several times. Throw all of that junk about “can’t talk X’s and O’s” down the junk chute with the rest of the junk. Mike knows something we don’t, and whether he wanted to or not he just gave us a clue.

Chip wants Mike to run, or at the very least present the threat to run. Chip doesn’t yet know if Mike CAN present that threat, so just in case he still can he asked Jeff to pay him. Mike still sees himself as a runner. It’ll be interesting to see whether Chip sees the same thing.