Vick, I’m told by a source, believes his concussion symptoms are improving and he’s ready to play. Vick believes he’s being kept on the bench so the team can get a better look at the backup, Nick Foles, a source said. Meanwhile, several Eagles players told they are worried about Vick’s long-term health.

First, the players. They are concerned that Vick has taken more shots to the head than generally known and are worried he might be putting his future health at risk, something Vick apparently strongly does not believe. One teammate compared Vick to Detroit running back Jahvid Best, who hasn’t played since his last concussion in October 2011. There’s no proof that Vick’s concussion was as bad as Best’s (or that he has Best’s concussion history) but teammates are concerned Vick might be trying to push a comeback too soon.

“Mike knows he’s auditioning for the Eagles now, and for the rest of the NFL if the Eagles let him go at the end of the year,” said one player. “He wants to get in there and play to prove he’s still a good player.”

There’s no proof of this and it’s a long way from Nick Foles to Colin Kaepernick. . What we know is that, according to the Eagles, Vick did not pass his concussion tests this week. Vick apparently believes he’s doing better than what the Eagles are saying and wants to play. Some teammates think Vick is more hurt than he wants to admit.

So maybe Michael Vick didn’t fully die that day I predicted him to, but it seems pretty clear that he thinks the Eagles are forcing him to play dead to see more of Foles. Which is a strange development considering an Andy Reid mere weeks away from his guaranteed firing should by all means have the balls to tell the truth about his quarterback situation. Hell, it might even help his case to keep his job. Andy COULD start Mike Vick and maybe win 1-3 more games before the season is over, but instead he’s doing the responsible move for the team’s future and giving Foles his reps.

This all but guarantees Vick’s departure from the club immediately after the season, completely killing my prediction that the team would quickly re-work his contract to make it more team-friendly and keep him for another year. Whelp — looks like for better or worse it’s all Foles going into next season. Team’s officially in rebuilding mode, no “retooling” can fix this mess.