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A week ago one of our friends found this video on the internet and we looked closely and realized it was our friend that these people were talking about. Just have a listen to the commentary in the background its comedic gold.

Somebody always got something to say. Pointing suburban kids out for not dressing well at the Drake concert is like pointing out hoodrats with visible weave at the Drake concert. Fish in a barrel.

Listen — horny girls want penises rubbed on their butts. Been that say since music was invented. Been that way since butts were invented. So maybe this slutty stumbling mess has no rhythm and is giving this guy his most embarrassing boner since 6th period gym — doesn’t make her any less than anybody talking shit behind the camera. This loud-mouth broad probably Niagara’d her Vicky’s the second “Best I Ever Had” came on anyway. Leave the white girl alone. She’s just trying to feel a little poke coming through.