HuffpoControversial US retailer American Apparel has once again flouted advertising regulations with images of women in vulnerable poses “likely to cause serious offence” to visitors to its website, a watchdog has ruled. The clothing brand has regularly broken advertising rules for using exploitative images of young women. Recently the brand posted six photos of a model in a bodysuit and thigh-high socks on a bed without her face shown, from the front showing her legs open or in a kneeling or reclining position. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated a complaint that the models appeared vulnerable and the ads were offensive because they were overtly sexual and objectified women. Responding to the complaint, American Apparel said it “did its best” to abide by the standards of the industry as well as creating “authentic, honest and memorable images” relevant to its customer base.

And here I was pretty sure the entire concept of being a MODEL was to be objectified. What a fool I am, huh?

Just goes to show you can’t please everybody. Use super skinny pro models and fat chicks are upset, use too much photoshop and ugly chicks are upset, use real models with no photoshop and the Advertising Standards Authority jumps down your throat. It’s a can’t-win situation.

Personally I love American Apparel. The shirts may be soft but their ads leave me anything but. Seems completely backwards for somebody to throw shade on a company to for using untouched real pictures of real chicks wearing clothes MADE IN AMERICA. But I guess when you work for the ASA (which must stand for Federal Bunch of Sticklers) or any government agency you learn the art of sucking fun out of everything.