You would know this answer. Is it commonplace for black women to fight while holding their children/with their children in the immediate vicinity? Out of all of the races, I’d say black women fight the best while holding children. Your insight into this phenomenon would be appreciated.

Viva la Stool!

Mikey C

It’s a totally racist assumption, but YouTube evidence forces me to agree with you. Black women are number one in the mom fighting holding baby power rankings and it’s not even close.

But I can’t even blame this mother for her reaction. Is this other woman insane? Who spits in an angry black woman’s face when she’s surrounded by a bunch of friends and family? Lady signed up for a semester at Ass Beating University the moment the thought of spit entered her head. Like this chick isn’t gonna jump up with her kid and still attack that ratty ponytail.

If you’re fucking with a lady trying to fight you in Chuck E. Cheese, you’re fucking with the wrong one.