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Mike Vick, Philadelphia Eagles rap video. Um, yeah, it’s a must see. Written and produced by Rotten Al, © 2012 MAS Philly Be sure to check out other Rotten Al videos on The Rotten Al Channel!

Not the greatest fake rap song by Michael Vick they could have done, but at least it’s animated. Using animation will take you a long way in my book, even if you write unimaginative rap lyrics and fail to give Babin his stupid arm tattoos.

I’m so mad at my coach, yo you fat Andy Reid/
I don’t even have to rhyme it yo you fat Andy Reid/

Okay — I take back that stuff about the lyrics being unimaginative.

At this point I honestly might be all for bringing Vick back next year. Make him take a pay cut — he will — and hope he plays better behind an improved offensive line than he did this season. There simply aren’t any other QB options for next season. Plus Vick probably won’t have to pass it 45 times a game under coach Gruden Kelly Lurie.

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