huffpoSocial media sites and blogs have lit up after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a surprise cameo in a Chinese TV documentary about the country’s police force: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his now-wife, Priscilla Chan. The documentary by CCTV was part of a series on Chinese police and high-tech crime-solving methods. A few seconds of footage showing Zuckerberg and Chan walking behind two police officers were shown included in a brief clip posted online by the Hebei province satellite station. The footage shows the couple wearing the same clothes they were photographed in during a March 27 visit to Shanghai. Zuckerberg wears his custom hooded sweat shirt, this time in brown, and blue jeans, while Chan wears a printed short dress. The clip shows Zuckerberg looking at the back of the police officers and smiling broadly as the couple walks off-screen. As they are shown, the narrator says: “There is a serious shortage in China’s police manpower.”

Not sure why this cracked me up so much but I rewinded it and laughed just as hard every time. Fucking Zuckerberg and the Asian Doctor missus randomly popping up in the background of some Chinese cop show. Look at Zucks walk! Dude’s strolling like he’s holding all of his Facebook earnings in change between his ass cheeks. Where’s your big dick swagger, Z-berg? You’re a multi-billionaire and one of the most powerful men on the planet…there’s absolutely no reason for you to strut like Golddust coming to the ring. Sack up, Facebook Boy. You’re king of the motherflipping world.