[Protestors in rear, unable to clearly hear him]

“Oh shit a real Indian! That’s awesome. They’re such a brave and noble people. Wow — he looks riled up. Probably saying something about how humans and nature are all connected as one or how his family’s casino has the loosest slots in the state. Shame what happened to them. You’d think the Redskins would’ve changed their name by now. I never supported the logo, anyway. Hey, you think he’d do a rain dance…I’m frying out here. Haha y-yeah I’m just kidding. I kid. I’m a joker. But really I’m glad he’s here to support the cause. If anybody doesn’t want more people on their land its gotta be loudmouth Chief Strollerfoot over here. Hey — let’s go get a hot dog man I’m tired of standing.”

“The trash? Shit I don’t know man just toss it there’s probably people who clean that up.”