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hinkie and nerlens

This is possibly the most excited any of us could possibly be before a probably single-digit win season. Nerlens nailed this presser but more importantly we got to force Sam Hinkie to break his media silence and translate the binary 1′s and 0′s from his brain into everyday English. And Sam did just that. Carefully explained how rim protectors are a necessity and a rarity in the league. How players Noel’s size who can get considerable steals are really beneficial. How he sees Nerlens developing his above-the-rim offensive game. Sam explained everything as basically as he could without explicitly saying, “we’re not going to play him this year because we’re tanking for Wiggins and it’s not worth the risk.”

Also, it seems Nerlens is in on Sam’s ultimate plan. Talked about Hinkie’s genius and how it really takes a great mind to understand his relationship with Michael Carter-Williams and orchestrate them playing together in the NBA. BFFs from AAU ball playing on the same pro team.

Everything is lining up perfectly. It all comes down to this Wiggins pick.

PS – Arnett Moultrie probably laughed in Noel’s face about him taking his #5.