There aren’t many video games I still get excited for. Hardly any, really. Madden gets bought on an annual basis. NBA2K and FIFA get picked up every couple of years if a friend of mine doesn’t already own it. But nothing — NOTHING — gets me irrationally excited the same way a new GTA game does. I don’t even care if I’m dating myself — been playing the GTA games since the original on Playstation. It was the first game that I remember saying the word “shit”, and from that point on they had me hooked. To me, Grand Theft Auto IV was top to bottom the best video game ever put together.

I expect nothing less than for the fifth installment to blow that away.

For up-to-date info on the game from Game Informer click here. The map size for this game is apparently going to be like 50 earths or something and, I dunno, I just wanna play.

Nice job using Stevie too, Rockstar.